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Enterprise Digital Alliance

Let everybody belong to his own digital asset!

Enterprise Value Network

  • Aeeset Back Cryptocurrency, ABC
  • Share Credit
  • DAO
  • Brand new enterprise organization based on value network and financial supply chain model

Decentralized Enterprise Resource Planning

  • SHARE D-ApplicationS
  • Share Distributed LEDGERS
  • Share Data
  • Brand new enterprise organization based on network and financial supply chain model

EDA Ecosystem"

  • Enterprise Collaboration Platform-Qixin
  • Value Sharing Platform between Enterprise and Consumers
  • Decentralization new generation ERP system-DODOO
  • EDA Enterprise ERP Alliance Blockchain
  • Marketplace

Our Team

Bob Qin

Invited technologies expert for Chinese top blockchain organizations like Guiyang national bigdata forum, Northeast bigdata forum, Zhongguancun blockchain consortium Database Analyst of Manulife the biggest insurance company in Canada Database solution specialist of John Hancock Financial Service, one of the biggest insurance company of USA Senior IT specialist of Bank of Montreal Capital Market, development of BMO real-time risk management engine VaR. Software developer of IBM Toronto Lab DB2 Kernel development, Globalization and DB2 file handling system

Aryan Nava

Science Consultant, Blockchain Technology Expert Technical expert of traditional stock exchange and new digital asset trading business system with 18 years of experience in multiple fields such as big data analysis, big data hardware, and storage. He worked for many corporations including Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), Canadian Depository for Securities (CDCC), TSX Trust, Economical Insurance Company, and Lehman Brothers.
Aryan has been involved in Blockchain technology since 2016 while working with Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio at TSX

Peter He

Chief Architect of Exchange technology research and development Ph.D., York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada IBM Certified DB2 UDB Solutions Expert.Over 19-year experience working in software design, development, and implementation. As a technical lead, database consultant, application architect, or application consultant, I have been working with multiple IBM customers and partners assisting them to build DB2 Databases and applications and migrating Oracle databases to DB2 databases.
Books: • DB2 UDB V8 and WebSphere V5 Performance Tuning and Operation Guide

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